I could not possibly be more grateful this morning for the process of personal restoration in my life. The book of ecclesiastics says: there is a proper time for everything under the heavens. Learning to be a person of moderation in life, being a man that has clear self control and well balance temper; learning when to speak and when to remain in silence…knowing that sometimes refraining from personal opinions brings peace and harmony and that is my real duty. Having a great positive attitude in front of any kind of trial, challenge, difficulties, sickness and pain and knowing that the outcome will always be great…great knowledge and experience…offering me wisdom and power of discernment. The scripture says: Who is the greatest in the Kingdom? , The servant; Knowing by experience and personal walk how much more important is to give than have or receive, having a heart for the one in need…taking always the last place…God exalts the Humble. Learning and finally having sense of humility in life , i have found , is certainly the key of happiness.
I pray in the name of Jesus for every brother and every sister in this forum, i pray for the well being of their families, i pray for unity, love and peace, i pray for a great future full of hope and great achievements…In Jesus name. God bless you all.