Religion...somthin' to think about


It sounds like your life started out rough, at the same time it probably made you the man you are today… and it sounds like God says it wasn’t your wife’s time to go or yours for that matter, good job on saving her buddy!!


Thats always a classic.


God is awesome


One of my favs…John 15:13…




One of my favorites because I can somewhat relate this to my career.


I agree brother


What a blessing you all are brothers. What an honor to fellowship with you. What a great feeling to be among people of God


i bid you good night my brothers and pleasent dreams from across the pond, god bless,


Like wise my friend.


I love the brotherhood here and believe in God myself as he has saved my life too many times to count but especially through my addiction to opiates! My dr said i should have been dead with the amount of percocets i was sniffing daily about 900mgs a day or 30 30mg pills daily for about 3 years. I almost lost everything in my life that i loved but when i prayed for help God gave me the power to change my ways and get myself whole again without his help and the love of my girl and my family im convinced i wouldnt be here today so yes i think God is amazing and has my love each and everyday! God bless you all my brothers :pray:t2::blue_heart:


God bless your heart my brother. I have been clean and sober for almost 8 years now… fully dedicated to help others to recover. Your testimony can save someone’s life. God bless you and your family beloved


Thanks for sharing my friend.


Congratulations my brother 01dragonslayer for posting this topic today, am grateful for all I’ve read, am grateful for each and every brother that shared something so personal today…am specially great full to see my brothers full of faith in God


I have to say that this thread really made me really proud about UGM. We have really got a great membership here. Talk about diversity im happy that we have brothers from across the pond brothers who have come to the usa after there birth brothers with strong faith brothers that have been through addiction brothers that with all this testosterone flowing can still be sensible and everyone acts civilized. I don’t want to leave out our strong sisters that we have a ugm either. We are extremely lucky to have some of the most knowledgeable ladies on the web. To everyone at however you found your way here im really glad that you have.
Thanks to everyone for making a dream that me and @TrenGod had one day come true.


Thank you so very much Pastor i truly appreciate it from bottom of my heart. Going on 5 years off of percs been on suboxone but ive weened down to 2mgs a day from 16 so almost there! You are an amazing person and your message here to all is so loving, caring and positive! I admire it sincerely God bless my brotha!


Thanks bro very much!


Thank you Bigmurph so much! It was hell living that terrible lie of a life i dont miss it one bit ever! Im so happy to hear that you are whole again yourself its such a horrible disease and existence i dont wish it upon anyone or their family! Thank you for the love and support brotha! I am not embarrassed at all to share what ive gone through because if i can reach one person suffering through the same thing than itll truly make me the happiest man ever :grin: you guys are all so awesome its truly like family here and thats why this is home for me from now on :blue_heart:


You guys have some incredible testimonies, I’m proud of each and everyone of you! Keep the faith my brothers!


All you guys sounds like you enjoyed the topic with some little debating. It definitely is a sensitive subject in today’s world…a subject that at times is hard to breech due to all the negativity in the world today.

Say and truly mean what you believe in and you’ll never go wrong.