Religion...somthin' to think about


A lot of folks demonize it, make fun of it. If you have a faith you will be made fun of and be the butt of jokes. Yet when your loved one is sick or hurt you will pray for them. If your in a life or death situation you will pray for your survival.

Just somethin’ to think about.


My duty is to be courteous and kind no matter what people say to me, but it don’t mean their opinion moves me…not only for survival, I pray for every affair and every situation . God bless


I use to not believe in God, then after making it thru Iraq 3x as a infantryman, my buddy who was right beside most of that time said to me, after I was talking shit about God, that ya know we must have made it back for a reason, and we couldn’t have gotten “just lucky” all those times where we should have been dead, and that comment there changed my outlook now I Pray n thank God everyday for the in my life. I’m not religious, no church for me. But I do believe in a higher power and for me that is God.


I forgot the word blessings where I said I thank God everyday


I was raised in the Catholic church but converted to Nondenominational Christian when I met my wife. She and her entire family have changed my life dramatically and its something I will be eternally grateful for. I was baptized into the church just two years ago.


God bless you and your family as well




Who makes fun of you for being religious im a Catholic and I will laugh at a good joke of course but if someone is seriously putting down someone for there Faith there is no room for that here.
That includes any higher power or religion all are welcome here


john 3.16


It’s all about god with me ,he is a very large and importante part of my daily life he has saved my butt so many times with blessings and miricles it’s crazy (faith believing in something even though you can’t see it or touch it) well I see god in everything and talk to him daily ,so faith is strong

As far as People making fun of me when I pray ,or sing myself with the cross,I don’t get mad I feel very bad for them what would be the point in life without faith?


at first i found it hard trying to defend the bible to non believers .then i was told one day i didnt need to defend it ,it has stood the test of time now i cant imagin my life without living by the book even if you dont believe i think its a good way to guide yourself and kids by .i prayed 26 times and 26 times he granted me everything .i love him with all my heart and iam so blessed he sent me my woman .which i have always wanted a good christian woman whos standards are un questionable .no sex before marriage and she dont want to get married but i love her and thank god for her ,so i will not ask her to do something like that so i will wait.i prayed for a honest clean god fearing woman and i got her ,didnt think the no sex would be part of it …well what did i expect.i prayed i got lol ,iam so gratfull .


The person that invited me to this forum said to me: " is a better group of people"…I woke up this morning and my heart rejoices reading my brother’s comments. Most of places you see bodybuilders, fighters and power lifters trying to be big and bad…Am grateful to see faith in God here, am grateful to read your personal testimonies and see what God has done in your lifes. I was homeless and lost 8 years ago and God saved me so i can help somebody else today. Be about father’s business.
I pray for health and prosperity, i pray for joy and happiness, i pray for wisdom and power of discernment to make good decisions in life, i pray that you all will have an amazing day today…in Jesus name. God bless you brothers.


bless you my bro and thank you for sharing ,i decided to do some unpaid work i was on sick leave and lost ,i worked in a kitchen in a hall behind my church we cooked meals for people who are just down .elderley ,just any one who want some fellows hip ,theres about 65 each week ,we also have a food bank where we give food parcels ,i started providing small back packs with essentials that homeless could take away with them toothpast soap ,tinned food easy food like army rations ,the hardest thing was saying goodbye this is why i asked my brothers and sisters to come up with the idea.i was never a addict or had issues or trouble with law i choosse god because i wanted to .the first day i worked i come out side and this feeling come over me ,i know it was the holy spirit upon me and i never looked back non believer say how can you body build ,i thought it was vanity ,i say no looking in the mirror ever 5 minutes is being vain ,my body is a temple for the holy spirit ,they have no answer to that ,yes i swear and yes i take steroid but other than that i try do what jesus did i not got the answers but i compasionate ,i dont like people being robbed and i care ,iam sure this is not enough but iam trying to be better eveyday ,i hope i havent bored you to much lol,god bless you all


What a blessing you are beloved


Ha ha well In my head I’m big n bad, but outwardly I stay pretty humble… I think


I think you are super humble and also admirable and brave .


You guys are all awesome! I also come from a Christian background (nondenominational). Cool to see other brothers on here.




Ha ha you mean my dog


You too. I have unmeasurable respect for soldiers and veterans. 2 reasons:

  • Am a foreigner I have seen war right at my door step. I was 8-9 years old and me and my family ran many times from shootings and bombing.
  • 3 years ago me and my wife got seriously hurt in a house fire, a person died, I ran and then had to come back inside to get my wife. We got burned. She was flown to a military hospital where we received best attention and recovered fast.
    God is amazing I don’t remember anything she says I picked her up and walked out of the fire with her, my feet where in bad shape.
    Military doctors, therapists and nurses cared for us and helped us.
    Soldiers are awesome. God bless you brother John