Reddit steroidsourcetalk ( Reddit Steroid source talk) is pretty much a scam


So we get alot of traffic on one of our posts that points to moderators of reddit SST ( r/sst ) as running the sources there. I was asked what i think about it. After reviewing the sources some are good but very few. In fact we have one good source that came from the original reddit sub forum. I think @FTS was one of them? He went private as far as advertising but a solid source non the least with great products. Your lucky to be on his list. Other sources were known to be companies the mods owned to screw over members. The lead admin there knew about it and his stance was basically he didnt care. Those mods were friends of his so he didnt worry what they did to members.

This isnt how a forum should run. Apprantely reddit banned that forum and they started their own site at .org to keep getting the traffic and pulling the same shit. I have witnessed all emails in the backend and hope no one trusts what is said on that forum. Reddit in itself is a top domain site so they get alot traffic being based on there and alot of people getting scammed by mod owned “sources”.


You can’t fix stupid but you sure as hell can shoot it.

From the feedback of people I trust @FTS is a reliable source.


Awe shucks.


Ive been around half a decade and never had even one bad review or lab work. Thats gotta stand for something.


Hes always been a reliable source.


Some of the strongest tren I have ran to date