Red vs white muscle building


Thoughts ? I’ve read of u do heavy all the time your basically wasting away your gains . Not sure if this is up to par . I’ve also read doing high reps will bulk you and a study showed no difference in muscle growth between high reps light weight and low reps heavy weight , I know everyone is different , just looking for any insight from anyone and what worked for you . Thanks


well for solid strength and hitting the type 1 and 2 muscle fibers with a combination of high and low rep routine is ideal…type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers…type 1 slow twitch is more for endurance and longer to fatigue…where type to fast twitch is for lower heavier reps and fatigues quicly…overall…endurancd is awesome for any regimen so keeping those slow twitch muscles developing and training then gives you that base to really last a longer heavy day and you get more out of the heavy work out as well…so high rep daus are essential to building solid well rounded muscles and strength.


i do alot of high reps and with the high reps i mentally train my self for instance…i always do two sets of high reps of the same weight…but i will do…25 reps of 135 lbs…2 sets…move up 155 lbs…20 reps…2 sets…move up…175 lbs…12 reps…2 sets…move up…195 lbs…6 to 8 reps…my goal is to get to 215 lbs lets say 6 to 8 reps…2 sets…as my max for high reps set up…so i know on heavy day…i have enough muscle stamina and strength to knock out 15 reps of the 215 lbs on a regular 4 set routine and do a 1 or two reps on heavy of 235 an my max on a regular 4 set heavy 8 to 12…


Right on. I try and do 1 week heavy 1 light then I will do a 2 week both, go heavy then finish hi reps lighter . Seems to work . I just switch shit up alot , don’t want to stall out…


nice plan.