Recipe- low carb enchiladas


Really simple and easy to make. Sauce is enough for 2 trays. I just stored the rest for later.

500 grams lean ground beef
1.5-2 cups water
Chili con carne spice mix
1 can tomato sauce
Garlic cloves
All fajita seasoning

Cheese (low fat perferred)

Bag of lettuce

Put beef, water, chopped garlic, and seasonings in a pan. Cook until beef is cooked. Add tomato sauce and cook a bit more until everything is nicely mixed.

While waiting, place cheese in lettuce and wrap and place open end down in pan. Place a little sauce on top of this and more cheese.

When sauce is finished pour sauce over wraps. Place a little more cheese and place in oven at 250 Celsius. Leave in long enough to cheese is melted and you can see the sauce boiling on bottom of pan. Done.