Random drug testing at work


I assumed this should go here, sorry if it doesn’t belong.

Today I had to take a random drug test for my employment. The test was a 5 panel urine test through labcorp. The exact test number was 799452. I read up on Google that the test I did was not for steroids. It’s for the 5 major drugs, marijuana, cocaine, Pcp, meth, and opiates.

Do I have anything to worry about? I’m on test e 600 a week, arimedex, and nolv. I’m sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t find it with a search.


No sir you should be fine. The 5 panel doesn’t test for any hormones.
I have heard that 1 time someone was using ephedrine hcl supposedly but tested positive for methamphetamine. In all reality what they thought was ephedrine was probably meth or they were just using meth.

You should be fine as long as you haven’t used the 5 basic drugs


Steroid testing is cost prohibitive for most employment screenings. The panel you describe does not include testing for steroid esters so you are G2G.


Ok, thanks for the help guys. Puts me at ease.


No problem brother were always here to help


I have to take a 12 panel for my job and that doesn’t even test for hormones. They have to specifically test for hormones. The test is ridiculously expensive, in terms of drug testing prices for companies, so most companies will never foot the bill for it anyway. Even the military doesn’t test for hormones unless they are 100% sure you’re using gear and even then they still don’t typically make you test. You’ll be fine.


Your fine. Yes , I have given every kind. Even the cytochrome p450 test doesn’t involve steroids. I’ve never had to administer or take a AAS test. As a side note. DOT, unions, and most random or pre testing (mostly random) have a pretty high rate of being set aside…chain of custody, monitored testing, good lawyers get those out. 10% maybe but that’s high still.


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Nothing to worry about bro. I just took a 5 panel last week for a new job. I got the job. You’re good…


Thanks everyone. I feel pretty confident that everything will be fine. I just freaking out because its my first cycle and didn’t know what to expect. Its good hearing it from people who have experienced it and offer their insights. Thanks again