Question on an order


I used to order from Naps/Euroking are they still a safe bet? I noticed a lot of scam sites are popping up. I’m in the USA and customs can be a pain.



I would use one of our sponsors. They are all safe and legit.


Napsgear is a verified sponsor here click the banner that says buy steroids online for them.
There semi private so they don’t come around much but yes naps is still good to go I ordered something recently.


Appreciate it


I have used naps in the past also


Many great reliable sponsors here with great track records. Good luck my friend.


Euroking!!! Thank you… That’s when my trouble started with this little red flag. I can’t put blame 100% but I received a very detailed customs letter. Very fast. I could not remember the name. I would stick with the domestics here even remailing.


I am in the same boat and feel the same I stick with domestic now and forever


Its so hard though I know that domestic is good and have used alot of good domestic but good domestic tablets are hard to get and there are alot of compounds that I take that are not available from a domestic.
I wish I could just order what I wanted and they would just leave me alone


I am a huge fan of 2 domestic sponsors we have right now. A huge relief after the whole rusted junkie debacle


I’m so sorry I shouldn’t laugh but that’s funny.

I promised 2019 is going to be completely different a sponsor makes a mistake and it isn’t fixed instantly there done and need to be reverified


Hahahaha. That’s some funny shit right there. I think they need an official name change


Gotta laugh man . I lost a lot of money on that guy. Piece of shit dirt bag