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Id like to welcome Quantumpeptides.com to our verified srcs. I hope everyone welcomes them to ugmuscle.com.
@QuantumPeptides_seth this is your verified src page you can post anything here.
I just wanted to spread the word


Thanks brother. I sent you a message also. Just catching up now



Price list for anyone interested. Feel free to contact me


Nice! Welcome!!
i’ve never dabbled into peptides but recently i’ve been looking more into them and i am pretty dam interested.

Tbh, the hardest part of peptides is memorizing the dam names :sweat_smile:


Haha you arent kidding there. Ive been surprised actually by the number of guys that know their gear front and back but have never heard about many of the products we carry. We have stuff that pairs very nicely with gear cycles such as mk677 or one of our sarms. But also have the option for guys who don’t like pinning.


Seriously! I know all the different gears and compound names but only very recently started to get into peptides…
I totally do not mind pinning and peptides are starting to be appealing to me haha


I’ve been using gear for 15yr I can tell you basically everything about all compounds but I still know so little about most of the peptides out there.
I would really like to hear your opinion about peps like ipamorelin and frag.


Is there a book/ blog/ website/ research journal that has a data-based driven on the efficacy of peptides vs. aas? Also, is there a particular m.o. used by these peptides that make them pair with gear cycles?


Honestly they’re starting to gain more traction everyday. In many cases they can provide enhancement with a fraction of side effects. Probably my favorite combo right now is igf1 lr3 and peg mgf. Great size added and fat lost.


@Bigmurph ipamorelin is a great tool in anyones arsenal. Ipamorelin if you aren’t familiar is referred to as a GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide). GHRP’s mimic gherelin which is naturally found in the gut and basically keep your body from shutting down natural gh production for a period of time. Well obviously this is a great thing for a few reasons. Increased gh leads to increased appetite, deeper/more restful sleep, quicker muscle recovery times. These results can be even more profound when paired with a GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) such as cjc 1295 or mod grf. Now to your second question. Honestly hgh frag in my opinion needs more research. Yes we carry it upon request but to me i dont see the effectiveness it claims as far as fat loss.


@t-bill your best bet for info is to type in the peptide or sarm that is of interest into Google and then tyoe pubmed after it. Pubmed is about the best unbiased place to find studies on all these peptides and sarms


Solid response and I appreciate that you said that frag won’t hold up.
I have thought alot about running ipamorelin or one of the others I will eventually just when is the question thanks


Ya im not much for sugar coating. I will always give my honest opinion. I feel that has a lot to do with our sucess


Im interested in the igflr3 I’ve been hearing alot about this product.
My concern is that I keep hearing that only certain srcs have the real thing. Is this true that not all igflr3 is the same or is it just like with gear some srcs have better products then others.
What is your opinion on this @QuantumPeptides_seth


Heres the thing. Everyone gets igf1 confused with igf1 lr3. You won’t find igf1 for sale many places and if you do it will cost a pretty penny. Igf1 lr3 is readily available and highly effective.






Was it the facebook pricelist?


Actually it wasn’t but he does work off Facebook so I’ve been told. We have seen things recently that for us are red flags.