Quad Workout

Here is an awesome quad workout I did last night. I love lots of volume. Give this a try next leg workout. Send feedback let me know how you like it.

Leg extension superset db lunges 5x20

hack squats 5x12 (stretch quads on a bench btwn sets to draw more blood)

Leg press ( feet wide slightly out and stretch btwn sets off bench to draw more blood) 4x15-20

Smith machine squats 6x12

*leg extension 5x30 (30 sec rest btwn sets)

Vertical leg press 4x20

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Looks like u are using a pre exhaust concept here by using extensions and lunges before the heavy stuff. (I’m doing this to bump the topic, who doesn’t want more artillery to blast quads?! I will throw some routines at this thread to add to the artillery stock pile (my training log is down in the truck…)

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Oh god I remember those these are brutal. Thanks for the bump I’ll also share more workouts. @Blast23

@Blast23 would love to see some routines bro. Last one @PHD gave me were killer. Never hurt so bad but felt so good. Ill probably get back on those in next weeks change.

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@TrenGod hahahaha I remember you telling me how bad you hurt. Looking forward to seeing what @Blast23 pulls out from the memory banks

I have a few I’ll post up soon for pecs and quads, I think I have a few wicked back blasters too you guys will like (or hate).

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Hell yea @Blast23 post it up let’s see it. I love new torture techniques