Put that "TUD" back in "STUD" :::Here's how:::


Show her it’s really a mans world, she’ll be naming you traffic control in no time, ya dig Mr.Longshanks?

Now you’re probably questioning where I’m going with this, right?

Viagra’s & Cialis

Statistics have shown that more money is invested in erectile prescription drugs & blow-jobs compared to Alzheimer’s,
that shit right there speaks volumes,it shows me that we do care about our future come the year 2030 there shall be no shortage of perky tits while we have stiff willies…Good shit right there!

A few things you’ll notice:

  1. Erections lasting more then 4hrs (Oh no,a long lasting boner? Said no one ever)
  2. You can take the stuff for sun burn,It may not cure the shit but it will keep the sheets off your legs
  3. When a young punk runs his mouth,you’ll fuck his mom and wed that shit just to prove a point by making that fucker your step child!
  4. You’ll realize that this shit is the only real mind altering drug (you’ll lower your standards just to get relief)
  5. May cause faint,elevated heart rate and blindness…Is that an effect on her??? (Good job Genghis Khan now that’s how you smash it)
  6. Fuck tedious core work-outs, plank on your junk
  7. You’ll realize that there are no sluts,just women with friendly vagina’s

Listen, truth of the matter is there may be sides effects, particularly nothing but incredibly good times…
So, treat her to a memorable day, and remind her who the boss is…

VIAGRA 100 - 100mg/tab EP $60 50ct
CIALIS 20 - 20mg/tab EP $45 50ct

If you can’t get it up for her,others will…Just say’n!
(click below if you wanna be smashing the pink fortress like a hero)
(click here if you wanna be smashing the pink fortress like a hero)


Thats fkn awesome made me crack up! Love it man :wink:


Definitely well said!


Its members like you guys at I appreciate that can actually step back and look at the entertainment value and the humor… I understand there’s ladies in the community but sometimes some things are just funny…

We’re all adults, we can laugh!!


Hilarious…love it.