Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle- 16 Week Recomp


Energy is endless in ketosis since fatty acid is converted to an energy source for the brain and muscle tissue. Read up on metabolic pathways if you want a better understanding. In ketosis I have never ran low on energy and mental clarity is above normal.

Read the log and you will see my thoughts so far on the oil.


You’re a major motivation brother. I feel as I’m just as excited for this as you hahah


Right on Fit. You have been an inspiration for me as well.

I hope members will learn from all my mistakes and a few of my successes this run. :wink:


Routine update-

Day 1- Lower Body “A” in the books.
RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal

Lower Body A-

Squats- 4 Sets, RG 35
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30
High Box Step-Ups- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, AMAP
Reverse Hack Squats- 4 Sets, RG 40
Seated Calf Raises- 3 Sets, RG 40
AB Wheel Roll Outs- 3 Sets, RG 25
Shrugs- RP 2 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30

I went through the routine easily with minimal weight just to see how I could make the routine flow in a way that will push me and where I might be able to make improvements once on full cycle. I reached all the RG’s with the minimal weight. As much as I don’t mind the step-up I might mix it up and put in a box jump. We will see.

I am having some very minor shoulder issues from a previous injury in my right rotator and clavicle but I did not experience any pain with squats or hack squats due to the pressure across my shoulder so thats a bonus.

Personal note- The biggest disappointment in regards to achieving a weight PR for me is that I will never see a 400# flat bench. I came close a few years back at 385# but due to my previous injuries and age I am just not going to ever make that happen. I will just find something else to try and accomplish that is challenging but attainable.

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Current Routine-

Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

Am I missing something?


Adaptation takes a few days or maybe even weeks. From my own experience it takes 7-10 days. Read up on it if it interests you.


No way… im not interested. I love my carbs… even if I eat them randomly at work😎


Then why ask the question? :exploding_head:


To pick your brain… you know I love these


I already know the answer to the question so you picked nothing… except maybe your nose. Your new nickname is ‘Booger’.


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To add a bit to that. I do not follow a Keto diet. I am intending to change that soon but my experience has been more with fasted cardio.

My first attempts at fasted cardio ended at about the hour mark when I bonked from lack of glucose or better description, a lack of adaptation to fat metabolism. Fast forward 18 months of consistent training and I can comfortable handle 3-4 hours of aerobic work with no food or water. Additionally, my recovery time from every other type of activity has been increased.

The typical man has something like 10,000 calories worth of fuel stored in fat cells. The trick is teaching the body to use fat not sugar for fuel.


Its a lot more than that. One pound of pure fat is approx 4100 calories. Body fat tissue on the ‘low’ end is 70% fat… 4100 x 70% = 2870 calories per pound of body fat… :wink:


Routine update-

Day 2- Upper Body “A” in the books.
RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal

Upper Body A-

Barbell Incline Bench Press- 3 Sets, RG 25
Lat Pull Downs- RP 3min, 1 Set, RG 40
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40
Seated Cable Rows- 3 Sets, RG 35
Narrow Grip Pushups- RP 3 min, AMAP
Side Laterals- 3 Sets, RG 40
Skull Crushers- RP 3 min, RG 40
Seated Inclined Dumbbell Curls- 3 Sets, RG 40


Calorie intake - 3216 (22g carbs)

Personal note-


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Do you like to do your incline curls single arm or both at once? Or combo? Haha


I alternate left and right with a deep stretch extended and a strong 1 second contraction at the top… hard as I can each rep. I also watch the muscle through the full range of motion.


Ohhhh I like to watch on my Curls too. Something about that helps me.


Dr. Jim would disagree with us but hey he makes a good point… strong contraction. I am still going to do them my way.


I usually just do it on alternating standing. I do my incline with my head back like he says. I didn’t use to until I watched the video awhile back.