Purchasing bitcoin with Mycelium wallet


For those of you looking for an easy way to purchase bitcoin, in the mycelium wallet app, there is a service under buy/sell called Glidera.


Glidera connects to your bank account like how coinbase does but deposits the coins directly to mycelium. It gives you total control of your coins unlike coinbase and its owned by Kraken, which has some of the best exchange rates there are.


I forgot to look this up
Other day when we were talking. Thanks bro. Coinbase is good but rates are high


Thanks for the info my bro


I thought the glidera thing was like some pop-up that I wasn’t sure about, guess I probably should have followed up about it, anyway that was a reason I didn’t do the mycelium thing, but know that I see you bring it up I’ll go back and check it out again… coinbase drives me nuts with pricing!


Mycelium is a great personal wallet. I enjoy using purse and the other options like the buy and sell community



Thanks @TrenGod


I have looked into the purse thing as well, and it was a little frustrating to try and understand as well, but I do know you can save and make $


Its definitely a better way than using Amazon especially because I have noticed Amazon prices are getting higher and higher


Probably because the post office is demanding more money for delivery from them


Without a doubt could be plus you know people are scamming every chance they get.
So there trying to cover loss without having to change customer service


They have insurance policies in place for that, so maybe the policy they carry is increasing as well! If they didn’t have insurance policies than every package from ups, FedEx, or post office would require a signature every time!


That makes sense
I have had packages stolen off my porch in the past. I hear that its the new thing.


Got my dad a laptop from amazon and inside the sealed box was papers and a chinese cola can. As soon as I called amazon they gave credit for a new one right away. No questions asked. They said it happens all the time. My dad was still pissed lol.


Wtf a cn coke can and newspapers

That’s really weird


When they ask for photo ID, how is that private anymore? Is there a wallet that doesn’t require that?


X 2…


What’s that?


Mycelium wallet on android has a local trader function where you buy and sell with other people in person for cash.


Yeah if you try and send bitcoin on coinbase without that photo ID uploaded they hold your transaction for 72 hours!


What then after the 72 hrs? Will it eventually go thru? Or will still need to upload id