Never really liked them much, dumbbell pullovers …i always felt my triceps too much.
I have mentioned it before, i train in a very old boxing gym, that has very old NAUTILUS machines besides the free weights ; they have this old pullover machine that works just awesome , usually i super set it with bent over raw, let me tell you it pulls the lower insertion of the lats like there is no tomorrow

Do you do pullovers?


I used to love that machine at an old gym I went to. I NEVER see them anymore. Always felt it way better than standing Pulldowns. Now I do pullovers on a decline bench with a dB. It comes closer.


Theres a lot of old naut machines that are incredible imo. Wish they were still popular.


I use one at my gym on ab days


would if i had the machine to. usually have to do stiff arm pulldowns on cables or banded db pullovers


The machines are great…when you can find them lol
I never liked db pullovers until about 10yrs ago. I’d do a set if 20rep deep breathing squats then immediately hit a set of 15-20reps of deep breath pullovers.

Nothing else made my entire upper body expand like these


Love that old school pullover machine nothing can compare to that range of motion!!! These are what helped Dorian get that fkn back wide enough to land a helicopter on :metal:t2:


I’m missing for old skool gym :expressionless:

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Bev Francis Gold’s/ Powerhouse is known for always having the latest gear and equipment. I haven’t trained there in a few years, but they always had that nautalis pullover machine…old school one. All the chains and gears…cool looking. Mike Mentzer suggested use of this machine as the only one needed for lat development as part o his Heavy Duty program


I do dumbbell pull overs but for some reason, my traps are sore as hell the next day. I’m guessing bad form but at least something is sore… ha