Progress pics from checkins with coach


Thanks dude


you tryin to get in my good graces or somethin? lol


Well you always want to be in good standing me with a source and a woman :wink:


I cannot fault your logic :wink:


Are you guys drinking flynt Michigan water? Something is wrong with you


Josh… it is spelled Flint


Good catch!


Water in northern NJ is horrible as well. It comes from a filthy river called the Passaic River. Comes out yellow and smells. I’m quite sure that’s what gave my little girl T1D


Omg man thats terrible!! What is T1D? Is your daighter ok? Sending my best wishes brother :pray:t2:


Type 1 diabetes. She got it at 6 years old she is 11 now. Can’t eat anything without a needle. It kills me. I blame myself. I guess that’s just natural as a parent


Good luck bro, sorry it had to happen to daddies little girl, I’m sure everybody at UGM will send some sort of prayer her way🙏


Thanks brother


That truly sucks brother, I’ll keep your little girl in my prayers. Just keep your head up and keep being a great dad, just the fact that you blame yourself for something completely out of your control says how much you love and care for her.


Thanks buddy