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raw powder available too.
contact: [email protected]



Powder bulk order for an old client ready to be shipped out today.
Bulk price can be offered for your order of large quantity.
If you have an interest, please feel free to contact me!
[email protected]
Origianl manufacturer
GMP standard factory
Experienced supplier for numerous gear labs worldwide
Faithful sponsor of more than ten famous bodybuilding forums!


All batch of our oil


Another good photo shoot… love the view!:+1:



Is this your order? :wink:


Why you choose SR?

  • Stealth and safe shipping: we have developed multiple reliable shipping channels now and are able to offer you super stealth and smooth shipping. Contact me for more details! [email protected]

  • Original manufacturer: our original products manufactured by our own GMP standard factory

  • Bulk price: For your order of 4000pills, you will enjoy the most competitive bulk price. If you purchase in larger quantity, we will give you more competitive bulk price.

  • Labels customization: we can help you customize your own labels so as to help you promote your business

  • COA, HPLC report available for your checking!

  • Reliable partners for numerous gear labs worldwide!


we come back from holiday can accept order now!!!
Welcome to contact me [email protected]:smile:


Welcome back from your holiday


Primo-100 from SR Health Tech
One of our best-selling products now.
GMP standard factory
100% safe delivery
factory price
contact [email protected]


Truly a great compound and worth every penny. When it comes to primo you really don’t need 1000mgs a wk its a great feeling but you can run 400mg and get great results over a long period of time.
I always love seeing your pictures you post.


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3k vials ready to be shipped out today!!!:grinning:


vials on vials
Any interest in bulk order please feel free to contact [email protected]







Raw powder, oil, tabs all avaiable