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SR Health Tech is a professional steroids manufacturer. We are able to offer high quality raw powder, finished /semi-finished oils, oral tablets, peptides etc. All of our products are produced by our own GMP standard factory.
We are able to offer very discrete and safe shipping worldwide.
For a price list or any questions, please contact our sales rep:
[email protected]

[email protected]
Here are some pics of our best-selling products for your checking:
And more pics will be updated later:


we have two kinds of label, which do you perfer? :grin:


Our normal oil is 10ml, if you need 30ml, we can customize for you!! You decide what we produce, do you have any demand?:wink:


Those look beautifully done and super professional. Im digging it bro :ok_hand:t2:


welcome to have a try :wink:


Are you offering a free bee to give my honest opinion :star_struck:


Are you domestic? And what oil do you use?




Holy crap those are amazing pics! @srhealth-diana


Hello @John we are a supplier from China, but we can provide domestic HGH and finished products.
Since the finished products are out of stock now, I will keep the update here when the new batch land.


Thank you @josh, welsome to try our gear.:smiley:


To protect clients safety, we only send naked vials when clients choose international shipping, this way is very successful while shipping.:smiley:


I’ll stay in touch!


oral tabs




We are able to produce high quality raw powder/ finished or semi finished oils / oral tablets / HGH
For a price list or any questions, please feel free to contact our sales rep. We will give you a timely response.

[email protected]

[email protected]


Good god the pictures just keep rolling in! Unbelievable


Bulk order for oral tabs available too!!

Contact: [email protected]


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