Product Review Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/mL W/ Labs


Here is my review of delivery, presentation and effects of @AlphaOmega TestCyp 300mg/mL. Scoring on a scale 1-10. 10 the highest. Note- 10 is perfect and nobody can be perfect!

Communication - 8
Payment processing - 9
Order processing- 10 (same day)
Delivery - 10 (2 business days)
Shipping packaging- 9
Product packaging- 9
Product effectiveness - 10

The included lab work was taken 48 hours post injection and I was on 300mg/wk for approximately 6 weeks. AlphaOmegaLabs TestCyp proved Total T serum levels exceeding 5X the weekly total dose of 300mg/wk.



I like the seal around the tops of the vials.
Sounds like some good testosterone and blood work backs that up.
Thanks for the detailed and honest review


Thanks brother! I will on here today posting. Just when I think I have a minute to sit back for a few things go crazy. Usually does for anyone lol. Needless to say everyone has been keeping us on our feet! Getting sick for a few days wasnt fun, but I will put my big’boy pants on today and post up!


I know all about going to do something and then a fire breaks out and ruins your plans lol

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The blood work pic is really blurry? Can you repost it?


Found it…


Literly have to set aside time to come visit you guys! Between the brothers and sisters on this board and another, you all are keeping us on our toes. I feel once the holidays are over it will get even better!

Thank you all for giving us a chance to earn not only your business but your trust as well. I try to tell every single one of my clients this. Without all of you we wouldnt be here. So thank you!