Product changes NEOFIN -> OneQ


Hey guys, a lot of job already done and finally I can announce some information :slight_smile:
Our new product is 90% ready. At this moment we plan to launch 3 lines:

  1. White - powder form of HGH - 5 vials, 3mg (9iu) each vial
  2. Blue - premixed hgh - 2 vials, 15 mg (45iu) each vial
  3. Red - premixed hgh - 1 vial, 30 mg (90iu) each vial
    Here is some pictures how this product will look:

Also 2 new things:
Single syringe pen 15 mg - in development
A sugar tracking chip - in development

Of course, the new site, which will be much nicer than the current :slight_smile:
What else ? We use our substance in one of the CIS countries at the stage of preclinical studies, that is, we are going through licensing as a drug. No more underground ! :slight_smile: But be sure that we will not increase price for the product !

So, our product line is changed (technology is the same), our team is changed (but I’m still here), location is changed. Our price policy is changed as well, we work only with this business model - “Business to client”, which allows intermediaries to work without overpayments. But of course we will give some bulk discounts for those who would like to resell our product.

I think at this moment thats all, any other questions - welcome :slight_smile:

High-quality and low cost HGH for everyone!!


Wow! Thats amazing news bro! Products look absolutely awesome!


Looking awesome


Looks amazing!


Good lookin’ product.


That’s great news I wish you the best in becoming a licensed pharma grade product.
The red is very tempting especially because your guys pricing is some of the best.


OneQ blue is fully ready.
If you interested in this product please write me in PM or by email. Price is a bit lower than current price for AQUA product
And one picture of the product how it looks in real life made by one of our customers


It looks really good. I like the presentation alot. If the hgh is as good as it looks definitely a good buy.
90iu kit I have to check out the pricing on your site.


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