Primo - who has ran it? Looking for first hand experience


So I got my hands on some legit primo. I got enough to run it at 750 for 16 weeks, so think that is what I am going to do. Was gunna do 600 for 20 weeks, but i figure 750 for 16 is still a good long run and would see better results. No point in keeping a little leftover so wanna use it all. I plan to pair it with test obviously and maybe some kind of injectable oral as a kick. Some injectable SD sounds nice haha, but anavar would prolly make most sense for the cycle. Never ran dbol, but again not sure that would fit best. From now on I am not wanting to do any big bulls, so I will probably aim for some very lean gains. I see most using it when cutting, but I feel like it could be orettt perfect for eating just above maintenance and keeping fat off while adding solidean muscle.

I wanna hear experience on several things:

  • How much did you run?
  • How long?
  • Cutting, Bulking, lean gain?
  • What did you run it with?
  • What results did you see?
  • How did you feel while on?

@Bigmurph I know you are running it right now and loving it. Made me want to take the dive and found some which was tested legit and ran by several people with solid reviews.


With primo…IMO…the more the better. I try and run mine at a min. of 600mg/wk and if funds allow 800 for a min. of 16-18wks. I run it along side prop and sometimes tren or npp. If choosing an oral and depending on your goals you could consider tbol as well. IMO tbol is pretty underrated and will add a little for quality mass than var.


@Fitraver I have ran primo on several occasions and I have even included it in a therapeutic dose as part of my TRT for almost two years.

Here is my experience and thoughts. Concerning the dosages you are considering I am not certain that there would be much difference between a 16/750 or a 20/600 but my personal opinion is that if you have it in you run it longer at 20/600. I can’t attest to why but I simply believe the longer you allow the levels to remain stable the more beneficial the use.

  1. I have used 600mg/wk (lean gains) and 400mg/wk (muscle preservation) on cycle and I found very good results at 400mg making the 600mg less cost effective. I am a high responder to most steroids and always look to use the least amount.
  2. Lean gains- 12 weeks 1x (see not below) followed by TRT Primo combo cruise, Muscle preservation- 1x 16 weeks
  3. Lean gains and muscle preservation.
  4. 1x with TestC, TrestA, hGH, 1x with TestC, hGH
  5. Solid gains first run with little to no loss post cycle into TRT Primo cruise. Second run began developing nice striations in delts, back and outer chest.
  6. Primo makes me feel what I describe as CAPITAL. Sense of well being increases with no noticeable negative side effects that I could associate to it. I never got a cold, flu, or any illness while taking it.

NOTE- I preloaded the lean gain 12 week cycle with 600mg/wk of primo for two weeks before my first TrestA injection. So technically I was on cycle with it 14 weeks leading into the cruise that included it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


Thanks bro!! Appreciate the feedback. I agree took would be awesome!! I am trying to possibly stay away from the oral version of compounds for awhile tho, that’s why I mentioned a few injectable. That brings up a good point. Don’t think I’ve ever seen injectable taboo lol.


@SemperFi you are awesome brother. Love how you always give a great thorough response. That is just the info I liked to see.

I did see you post elsewhere on another thread about longer the better. So maybe 600x20 weeks would be smarter. It would also allow me to pin 3x a week at 1cc of primo200 and 2x a week at 1cc test 300 and be at 600 of each. Or I could just do each 3x a week and just not use slin pins.

How much test did you run with it? I usually like to do the 600 as I know how to control my e2 there and has always treated me right. So that’s what I planned to do.

How far above maintenance did you run your cals? I def wanna grow some but keep fat gain at minimum. I run trt so I def think I could kee every bit of the lean gains.

Side note: now I’m curious how much primo you add to your trt? Also, you must have a damn good job lmaoooo

I’ve heard primo gives an amazing sense of well-being and also helps immune systems.


My lean gain cycle that included TrestA I was on a simple replacement dose of TestC (180mg/wk). On the muscle preservation cycle or cut that most of ya’ll would call it I was on 500mg/wk of TestC.

@Fitraver call me crazy buddy but I rarely ever went 500cals over maintenance. I may have when I was younger but not in the past 5-10 years. In fact I no longer even count my macros the traditional way. I simply know what I need when I need it. I don’t advise this for most people who are attempting to reach a particular goal but at this stage it works for me.

My modified TRT protocol that I have used is 180mg TestC, 100mg Primo and 75mg Deca per week. I am not using that at the moment but will revisit it after my summer bulk experiment that I am involved with right now.

I don’t have a job… I have a life! I have been blessed enough to leave the traditional work force early. Not because I was smarter than anyone else. I was just luckier. :wink:


Now that you mention it I think I remember you saying that about your diet. Hats awesome how that works for you and you look amaIng doing it. I’m one of those crazy ocd perfectionists who tracks EVERYTHING haha. But it’s what I know and love.

That trt protocol sounds awesome.

And congrats on the retired days bro. Live life to its fullest and even if you’re lucky it still counts!!


Thanks Fit. Good luck and great gains on your final decision. My diet does work for me… I simply make small adjustments every 10-14 days based on what I see in the mirror or experience in the gym. The only thing I change is the amount of food and selections available based on the season.

  • How much did you run? 1000 mg a week ,800 was same results
  • How long? Longest ,16 mths ,shortest 16 weeks
  • Cutting, Bulking, lean gain? Cutting,lean bulk
  • What did you run it with? Test p,mast p,anavar
  • What results did you see?slow but solid gains,hardness,strenght, definition,and was feeling great all the time
  • How did you feel while on?on top of the world happy

Myself primo helps retain muscle while on strict diet,and the nitrogen retention that it creates makes it a great add to a bulk cycle


Holy fuck I fell over at 16 months lol. You did 16 months at 800??? That’s like what I’ve made in my lifetime lol


I had a very good sponser Brother and when u make your own it’s very cheap


I guess that’s true if you’re making it yourself.


Anyone has their lady run primo? Ive heard females can run it with minimal sides.


You ran primo bro?


@01dragonslayer @SemperFi @Mountain-man @Bigmurph @PHD

Any of you ever kickstart your primo e cycle with ace? Was thinking about this today and assume you could do just as people do with test p…


I’m running primo ace right now. Great product. Hard to find a good brand that doesn’t have pip but if you do (trusting it’s real) stick with it.


You think kickstarting a primo e cycle with say 6 weeks of primo ace would be a solid plan. Or better to just use an oral?


I have no experience using it to kickstart. My first impression on the subject is that it will have little bearing over the length of a PrimoE cycle because of the nature of the compound. If you are willing to risk the potential pip risk go for it. If pip isn’t your game avoid it. I have yet to find one that is pip free.

If anyone does find it pip free let us know. :wink:


Good to know. I was wondering if it would be as beneficial as kickstarting with test p or not really worth it.


Mine has. She says it was not any different for her than var… no sides she could put a finger on except some increase in facial peach fuzz and nail growth.