Pre workouts


Hey everybody. I’m curious what everyone uses for preworkouts here. Ive been to the Arnold several times and tried about everything. My top contenders are probably EVL pump mode, beast mode black and good old black rifle coffee. Has anyone tried the prejym or steel pres? What does everyone like? Let me know!


I was using mesomorph buy since they removed the 1-3-dimethyl out it sucks now


2 cps of cuban coffee


Prejym is all I use. I think there is another thread on this already.


TNE and MTREN n occasionally injectable dbol fucking pumps are insane!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!


I’ve used prejym and I really enjoyed it! I really like the companies that don’t use proprietary blends. However, the most potent pre I’ve used was called executioner


Ive heard a ton of good things about prejym but the stuff is pricey. I’m a huge Jim stoppani fan. Actually met him this year and he’s a super solid guy.


It is Fuckin expensive.


If I ever use a pwo its inj ephedrine hcl amps


When I could get them these were my go to as well.


I use John Meadow’s company Grabite Supplements Arc Reactor shit it legit! Sick ass pumps and good clean energy and focus plus its not a proprietary blend it shows every item contained within in each amount. Love the shit! Plus John is a genius when it comes to his methodologies and experience. I follow his principles very strongly


Oh yeah i also blast tne 100mgs amd inj d-bol 50mgs 1 hour preworkout lol


Yeeeeeah that’s where it’s at


The best ever!!!


I like to cycle my preworkouts. Some say your body can build a tolerance. Right now I’ve been cycling every other week between Pro Supps Mr. Hyde and GNC’s line Beyond Raw Lit.


Dam right I been mixin 50mg dbol inject and .25 mtren as pwo


You cycle your Mtrn preworkout only?..or inject ED?


3x a week strictly as pwo I figure after this bottle is gone then I won’t use it awhile. I did it with the tne n dbol to


I see…same here as well. Mtren just as a preworkout.


I’m using lit currently and like the product quite a bit. I too switch my preworkouts every month