Pre workout suggestions


What are you guys using for pre workout? I’ve gone without for quite a while but my work schedule has me worn out so I’m looking to see what’s out there, what’s new and what’s the best. I have a pretty high tolerance to stimulants, so the stronger ones would’ve great.


Check out Hydrazine by Hydrapharm, from the UK, probably strongest stuff out


If I use a pwo I use different ones for different reasons.

Ephedrine hcl amps 50mg/ml are great for a supercharged sweating workout

Nandrolone base 50mg/ml is great for a workout that feels smooth and strong

Modanifil 200mg I don’t actually take pwo but I take it on days that im dragging ass in the morning and by the time im working out it definitely allows you to still push it


I was thinking of trying out the modafinil, does it give you motivation to go through out your day?


I don’t get any type of high at all from it but you are not tired at all and I have stayed up for over 24hrs more than once for work by taking just 200mg I usually just take 100mg if I just need a boost but it definitely works.

Its also definitely brand dependent ive taken almost all the different brands and the best is sun pharma modalert the worst is hab pharmaceuticals they all work the same but you get side effects from certain brands like bad headaches and no appetite


I like to mix tne/inject dbol


I have tried modafinal and felt more alert throughout the day but not much as a pwo…also I forgot that 25mg of cialis gets me pumped in every which way.


I haven’t tried cialis yet but I need to try it as a pwo


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