Pre-cycle Bloodwork before first cycle


Finally received my results from the labs that I took. Just a few stats about myself: I’m 23 years old, 5”6, 155 lbs and around 13% body fat. I’ll be going on a 12 week cycle for my first one. I’ll be running solely @Iron_Junkie_Labs Test E 600mg/week. Have arimidex and nolvadex on hand. Am I good to go with my current bloodwork? From this test it showed that I’m on the lower spectrum of the “normal” test range :confused:

Also, I messed up on this test. I actually ate breakfast before taking it when I know I should have fasted. I ate Spam, eggs, and rice…


Normals across the board looks good to
Me bro!! Very smart of you to get pre bloods. Assuming you will be getting week 6 ones as well? I always eat before my bloods. That’s okay. Fasted would be needed for cholesterol (I’d argue still
Not a huge deal).


Thank you! If I’m gonna do this I know I’ll be doing it right… and yes absolutely. I’ll be retesting at my 6 week mark and getting that sweet store credit from IJL :muscle:


I still don’t know if I should be running my arimidex throughout my cycle though. Maybe someone could chime in?


If you’re on 600 I can almost guarantee you’ll need arimidex. Unless you’re one of those lucky bastards that never gets out of whack e2. I’d start with .5 2x a week (or split up more often for 1mg a week - not sure what pills you have…) and then see how bloods look at week 6. Nolva just keep on if you get sensitive nips.


Good deal… thanks for posting


Might want to read this @fitraver and @CantStopWontStop

@CantStopWontStop great healthy numbers for a young buck. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the response! My dosage is still not set in stone. Right now I chose 600 mg because the Test comes in 300mg/mL. Debating whether 300mg/week, 500, or 600 mg.


Thanks for stopping by brother. :+1:t3:


A part of me looks at that blood work and a robust 23yo, I wanna say fuck it , wait longer, don’t even do AAS . Then the other side says fuck it. Be as safe as your own risk to benefit takes you. Ask ?s and research for yourself. Train hard, and eat well. Look good keep lean. Listen to the Raver. In this day of the world being s click away and so much info and disinformation in a second. Does anyone just get their shit from the big guy at the gym and abuse it from the start? Am I the only invincible kid there was/is. A billion hits…I know I wasn’t the only 19 yo getting into bars …oh if I only knew then…it wouldn’t of been as fun. Especially the bbing scene. Looks good for the first one. See how you react.


I did 600 my first run. 500 would be plenty tho.


Oh yeah good point I didn’t even think about what food may do to natty t levels lol haven’t tested those in way too long.


I was about to say that too, eating breakfast will have a noticeable effect on natty T levels from my experience as well as glucose results obviously. If I were you I would personally run blood for test levels again as soon as you wake up fasted, especially that it came pretty low for someone who’s early 20’s & lean, wouldn’t want to regret knowing if that was an accurate result would you? Also 600/week is a great start but also consider maybe waiting longer? You’re still young & don’t weigh much, you should be able to get to at least 180 lbs natural, so maybe consider that… If you did a 2nd blood work & its still on the lower side then F it… 600/week is great lol good luck on whatever path you choose