Pre cycle blood work


I got about every test possible. Looks to me like I’m g2g. I’m gonna order everything next week and after my cycle ill post the end of cycle bloodwork. The only surprise for me was the estradol level with me being on trt I figured it would be higher.93584490804a09d39b17d4d18540a300d029ce01_1_375x500


How much trt are you on? I forget. That test number is pretty low for being on trt. If you’re gun a take test may as well be in the higher end of the range. I made damn sure my doc knew my stance on that haha.

Also, what is your dosing schedule and how long after s Lin did you pull these bloods. Need that info to make better judgment on test number.


I take 120 mg test cyp every Monday. Test was done Wednesday. My doctor is pretty set on keeping me in the middle of the normal range. I plan on running 300 a week since this is my first cycle and depending on how I feel I may bump it up.


Docs can suck haha.

If you are pinning once a week you should have pulled bloods 1 week after so again Monday but before pinning. That way you would see your trough to know where your number is when you are lowest. But if you went by doc guidelines nothing you can do. They wanna see where s it’s peaked which is bs. I would also split your doses 2x a week if they allow it, def do it for your cycle on your own.

At 120 a week that number is pretty good. 6x is about right I come in around 1200 on 200 so you’re def good there.


Yea he’s a bit of a control freak on everything but funny enough he only requires 1 blood test a year on me. Plus that test is always in April so working around him shouldn’t be a problem at all. As far as the estrogen I’m thinking I’m not very sensitive but a higher dose may tell.


My trt is awesome 800+ they want you and don’t care what you do. Interested pm me if I’m not breaking any rules… if so lemme know