Pop up ads and annoying


I do know I was talking to him this morning and he said he was tired from all the work he did on UGM last night and was going to go take a nap




It’s not your fault brother this shit can effect anyone and we really have no way of knowing. I used to work for IBM and put a personal thumb drive in pc and boom took down a HUGE IMPORTANT NETWORK sorry lol.


Hey guys. If you have ads showing to fully close your app and also clear cache and cookies and log back in.

I tried to replicate this on 2 phones with 3 different browsers each and nothing. Ive looked into desktop browser running js files and dont see any scripts there that would cause this either.

Looking into metropcs they have a setting on their phones that overlays ads on certain apps and you have to turn them off manually.

Now ads that arent relevant to the site are usually served by an off party as google amazon etc all use cookies to read content and give you custom ads which should be relevant.

Ive run the site thru virustotal and other things and it always comes back clean. I also dont have ads enabled on the site. Let me know more specifics if you still have them showing after you do all the things i mentioned. Exact browser type, android version, model of phone, carrier. Just PM me the details.


Again thanks for the info and update


I’ve cleared all cache and cookies, completely. Then logged back in and it’s still doing it. I tried to send you a message but it won’t pull up a handle when I type “@” should I completely uninstall the app and reinstall?


It’s actually getting worse…ugh


Mine hasn’t gotten worse. When I first get on 3-5 pop ups come up, I close them out then it stops except for the ones at the bottom of the screen…until I get off and get back on then it starts doing it again. I’m thinking of trying to uninstall the app and reinstall it to see if that works bro.


Clear cache cookies then delete the app. If you have an iPhone try a hard reset after then reinstall


Use a vpn and all these issues will go away

Someone has cookies enabled on your browser. Delete history goto advanced and delete as much as possible and turn off certain permissions for apps and sites.
Then restart.

A vpn is the answer to getting rid of all of these problems


I would love to know what’s causing it. I’m using Safari iPhone 8 no VPN WiFi and LTE. No pop ups at all


Could be browser advanced settings


I cleared everything in chrome, then uninstalled the app. Pop ups have stopped…but, I haven’t downloaded the app, I logged on through Google…


I agree if you invite the devil in he comes and it sucks because alot of time you give permission to an app or even nust your personal permission settings allow this and they hide it good and its hard to find the problem but a vpn will take care of these issues and others.

I recommend spending the less than 100 dollars for 2yrs and its a better investment then Norton. You can even combine your encrypted email account and vpn toghther and then have both. I don’t reccomend any free vpn usually scams


When you download an app or at least most of them you agree to ads.


No pop ups for me on my iphone8


Just use chrome bro and add to homescreen. Thats what i do on my phones.


Now why didn’t I think of that lol. Thanks @TrenGod

What up all I have a question