Poll: New Blends/ Oral suspensions


2019 we are expanding our line. Let us know what you want to see in these new products.

New Blends. You may choose 2 options.

  • Test E/Mast E
  • Test E/Tren E
  • Test P/Tren A/Mast P
  • Test Phenolprop/NPP

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On new products. You can choose more then one.

  • Dbol Inject
  • Anadrol Inject
  • Winstrol Inject
  • Methyltren

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If you want to see other items or orals in suspensions let us know below!


First time i’ve seen a sponsor do this… a poll? Awesome idea! What a great way to get customer feedback



Take a sources poll. Have your say in what products you would like to see made available by @MPG.


I did…I think this is a great idea. Glad to see a sponsor do something like this! Customer response for better business


Here are some things people been looking for.
Trestolone ace
Desoxy-t ace
Dienolone ace


You guys and your injectable orals. You guys are a riot. :rofl::sunglasses:


I like Stens big brother Stanolone.


Personal things I’m looking for are


Is @MPG domestic?


Yes, @MPG is domestic.


Ok thanks


MHN would be nice


I can’t comment here on mhn but shoot me a pm and I will let you know why you won’t see it around.


Definitely Stenbolone


Thank you all. I will be adding items shortly.


not looking good for my Test E/Mast E vote :frowning: ahhah


Adding items On the website or do we need to contact you?


I agree with @mataa59 with caber


Trest ace has been pretty popular lately. Ever thought bout 1-TestCyp(DHB)?