Polite SBL reminder


Dear SBL Customer,

This is polite reminder about SBL products postage and packaging.

We would like to kindly ask you not to upload photos with original packages on forum which reveal in details way how the shipment is process as it has already happen on few occasions. Reason behind it is that Customs Enforcement is active all the time and uses filters specific to search and gain information therefore things like that could lead to unsuccessful shipment and seizure as it could give them clear indication of possible consignment appearance.
We would like to apologies for all the inconvenience and hope you do understand the security reason behind it.

Many thanks for your cooperation.
Kind regards

[email protected]


Sorry that happened bro. I always removed them
As soon as I saw them and @Bigmurph made a post on it too which is pinned. I also warned. If anyone does it again they may be removed.

Take this as everyone’s warning. Security is top priority here.


Absolutely understood! Thank you to @Fitraver, @TrenGod, and @Bigmurph for always doing everything they can to keep us all safe! And fir creating such an amazing place for all of us crazy ass cool peeps to form a family!


Understood and got it!