Planning training increases during cycle


I have had two instances of injury cycling. I honestly think it was because my strength increased faster than my ligaments or tendons could handle. My hypothesis is that I failed to follow a structured plan and just did whatever felt “good”. Sometimes that looked like trying to PR lifts every time in the gym. I have a degree in Exercise Science and some coaching certs and really all I have earned is enough knowledge to know I don’t know much…Hence a newbie member to UGMuscle. There are some OG’s on this site that seem like their shit is dialed. Pics dont lie. Id tag y’all if I knew how…

I know often times BB forums focus on supplementation and not diet or training. I’m grateful for that as I do use supplements but I am far more interested in training and diet. I believe AAS are an amazing tool once genetic potential has been reached or close to it but genetic potential can only be reached with diet and programming. Very few of us every got close to our potential before we looked outside ourselves.
I no longer want to be a mass monster but I do want to maximize every minute spent training. As I aged my time got more valuable. Less time = more expensive. That said, how do you guys/girls approach your planning for the weight room?

Do you use periodization?

Is there a certain degree of strength BB’ers look for or is body composition more important?
What about training during bulk v cutting ? Does it differ significantly ?

Do you base increases off of total weight lifted, reps of certain exercises, +/- % off of 1RM, etc…

I am super interested in the programming side of BB’ing and overall athletic development. The art of transformation is most appealing to me be it speed, strength. physique, etc. Thanks for the help from a total noob. I really am impressed by this forum. Thanks to all…!!



Awesome read bud, might I suggest you getting in contact with @PHD and see if his program can be beneficial to you for diet, training, supplement programs. I currently work with him and have made great progress in everything across the board, i’ve dialed in on diet and routine! 2 things I never paid attention to. Just my 2 cents if your looking for good help and guidance!


@SpencerCortez use the @ to tag. Ok let me try to answer questions here lol

First ug really isn’t a bodybuilding forum per say so that’s kind of good because we have a wide variety of members. (I’m a bodybuilder though lol)

We all learn daily I know I do so I’m definitely not the know all just been doing it a long time and have some knowledge. Lol

You are so correct on diet is key. I was just talking with Ifbb pro llyod dollar today and he was telling this kid diet is most fundamental part of training.

I definitely follow a plan in the gym. I know what I’m training each day. I usually change up what I do each workout though to confuse the muscle.

Hope this helps


The fact that the material on here is so diverse is what is attractive…not just BB’ing !!

Certainly not looking for trade secrets, like a cook a good coach knows how to use ingredients. Thought a discussion about training and how to plan for the best results might be of value. There seems to be a ton of info on cycling supplements but not on training theory and implementation.

How do the smartest guys on here split their training? How do you divide a year of training, meso cycles-macro cycles? Base v specific training goals? I know its a really involved subject as is AAS use. I believe more novice athletes would see better gains from a coach and structured programming than supplementation. I know I would have.

I am not in a place to hire a coach right now but believe strongly in professional coaches like @PHD. The learning curve is reduced significantly with a coach. I solicited the services of one a year ago and have seen huge changes in my specified goals.

Maybe a topic specifically dedicated to training theory would be of benefit??


Honestly most of us use John Meadows theories. I also like Seth Feroce he is pretty hardcore. I train very intensely on and off cycle. Most people like to be lazy when off gear but if you keep your same intensity you will be shocked at the results. There really isn’t any trade secrets to training. Just train fucking hard and intense. Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s about as top secret as it gets for me lol.

Hope this helps you bro.


I am definitely not in the class of competitive bodybuilders nor do I have the same goals any longer. Anything from JM is legit. I also dig Seth’s style and mentality towards all things related to personal development… and he has a cool line of swag.

I firmly believe diet is the corner stone of any persons physique and it is one of the things that is 100% in my control. It comes down to simple choices! You just can’t out train a piss poor diet. When it comes to training I am always looking for ways to incorporate progressive overload techniques. Either thru increased load, time under tension, rest-pause, reduced rest, etc. As much as I love the pump it is a small part of actual strength or mass increases. Particularly when you are first starting out.

I adopted a training motto and mindset a long time back - Failure plus one more rep… I can only fail if I allow myself to fail.

If I was going to sum it all up and steal a phrase I would say ‘learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable’.

@SpencerCortez I enjoyed your posts and thanks for sharing. This is a broad subject for discussion and I don’t think we will ever be able to cover it all. I appreciate you getting my brain thinking and back in the game. :wink: