Pin size and injection sites


You will need to check the specific laws in your state. It some states you cannot buy without a prescription. And in some states it is illegal to possess them without a prescription as they are considered drug peripheral.

If you live in the US go here and click your state to understand the exact laws on the books by state-

@funcouser I just cut out the hassle of going to a pharmacy and over paying. I buy my supplies at

I have also had good experiences here-

For public and in home safety make sure you have a sharps disposer as well. If you don’t want to buy one, even though they are cheap, you can always use an empty protein tub.


Thanks @SemperFi I appreciate the links! I have a sharps disposal. I asked, and they said the local ED at the hospital takes them when they’re full and then they are incinerated.

I’ll read through the laws for my state, but I think I’m okay because I already bought some at the local pharmacy. They charged a quarter each, which I think is a little steep.