Picture category with high security for member pictures


I’ll give my first one a shot… then more next month!

My first selfie…
Admins if it’s not allowed please edit!


Daaaaamn bro looking vascular as all hell!!! Nice work what you weighing in at?


after coming out of hospital and getting foods back into me 192


Well you look damn good all things considered my man keep up the great work


Definitely gonna keep working on it… my wife doesn’t know I posted the pic yet. See what she says🤔


I don’t think it’s a competition. Just to show the changes… like id be perfect example for instance since i haven’t done anything… add i continue routines take pictures like weekly or monthly to show physical changes.


How’d you manage that without my help?! Sneaky…lol


Just figured it out I guess!


To funny…lol…love you


The way its planned right now is the member starts a new topic posts a picture and gives stats and description of what there working on. You can post 1 picture a month so first picture then the second picture cant be before 30 days.
Once you post the second picture you are able to receive a free vial. Then after 3 months you can post another picture then after 4 months another picture and at 4 months another free vial. This is the rough draft but its the basic idea.
If you miss a posting of a picture then you don’t get the free vial we want to see every 30 days.
Im going to officially write up and announce within a couple of days or weeks so stay tuned


Looking forward to the update on actual rules and start date!


Yeah so awwhile back i was shot twice and robbed… Had a collapsed lung couple broken ribs. Big ordeal its been a long road back…


Holy shit bro, glad you made it through that.


Any update on this BM?


Its in the works
Under construction
You can still post up the contest element just hasn’t started yet