Picks for the Mr Olympia?


Heaths legs are sick


That would be a huge upset if Rhoden beats Heath!! We will find out tonight!


In alot of shots Rhoden really brings the full package


Rhoden looks fantastic especially in midsection but cant hang in back shots with Heath


I agree Rhoden looks on top of it.


Heath wins!


That’s the thing though, that’s all Phil ever clings by. Back shots, wouldn’t the better Mr. O be the complete package?


Should have posted a poll on here to see who would have guessed right


Most of the previous Mr. Olympia’s have had insane backs Dorian Yates prob best all time, Jay Cutler brought his up to battle with Coleman all those years, and of course Ronnie Coleman whos back double bicep shot was lights out for everyone!


Yates is my favorite. Unbelievable!

  • Bonac, William
  • Curry, Brandon
  • De Asha, Nathan
  • Elssbiay, Mamdouh
  • Griffen, Charles
  • Heath, Phil
  • Jackson, Dexter
  • Kuclo, Steve
  • Lockett, Michael
  • McMillan, Cedric
  • Morel, Juan
  • Oliva Jr, Sergio
  • Osladil, Lukas
  • Rhoden, Shawn
  • Rivera, Alexis
  • Rodriguez, Justin Luis
  • Valliere, Iain
  • Wade, Josh
  • Winklaar, Roelly

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Just curious who you wanted to win?


This was my first attempt at trying to make a poll on UGM. I hope everybody gets a chance to try it out :point_up:


I wonder how Shawn Rodden got so much cut and detail on his body like that?