Picks for the Mr Olympia?


Who do you guys got picked? I just hope someone beats that jackass Phil Heath this year.

Anybody try taking the poll I started last night?

Unfortunately nobody is beating him Bro. I hate that guy and wish someone would beat him but he’s not getting beatsny time soon.


Hopefully he fucks up…


Phil, Flex at 212, Ansley for the classic… for the men’s swimsuit division (aka physique) I could care less!

Although Grimes will give Ansley little run, but Ansley has those freaky flex wheeler type genetics.


After last year near miss I guarantee you he isn’t fucking up


Grimes is looking sick tho on his legs


Big Ramy. He just has the best conditioning so far.


These guys change hourly and daily just wait tilknstage time. Pics don’t matter. Phill won’t be best by Rammy I wish he could but it’s not going to happen


Phil( I’d love to see someone take him but it’s not happening, classic- Bumstead, 212- Flex


If that avatar is Big Murph he has on his user. I go with Big Murph


His avatar is Zach Khan and he doesnt compete anymore after tearing both of his quads


Oh ok because that dude is RIDICULOUS!


Ramy struggles with hams and glutes…taking nothing aways from him, he is freaky to say the least… but the sport seems to be moving away from the 280+ blocky type freaks, similar in the women’s divisions.


Phil Heath 100% - I’ve yet to see someone with the same level of detail, fullness and symmetry. He has extremely round muscle bellies and brings his waist in tight.

William Bonac will probably be runner up. He comes in dialed and full.

It’s tough to knock the best in the world competing to tie the record for Mr. Olympia wins. He’s going to come in 100%.


No one is beating Phil Heath he will get 10 Olympias then retire like he has been saying all along. The dude is the perfect combo of big round full muscle bellies tiny joints perfect symmetry and looks 3D plus carries enough mass creating an illusion that he is 280+ lbs. Like him or not hes the shit and he has the attitude that it takes to be the best in the world. Its not conceit when you believe in yourself not only talking the talk but walking the walk to back it up!!


And predicted Ansley took the classic, Flex will win the 212 easily … nobody even close… Grimes got smoked in the classic, believe 8 or 9 th! The real show will be tonight Phil vs Shaw Rhoden …This will be a battle, Shaw shocked everyone yesterday with his conditioning and symmetry causing a huge buzz at the show. Ramy looked bloated and horrific …7-8th at best


That’s what I want to accomplish im about 20lbs away from my avatar im 220ish give or take im bulking
Im probably 215 solid i should hit 235 after this bulk then cut back


Ansley actually only won by 1 point so it was definitely close, but he deserved it. Shawn vs Phil, that’ll be close a one


Shawn looked closest to challenge Phil and I think beat him in most areas. Especially the midsection. I dont think he’ll win but side by side he looks better.