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How do I get in on the $70 promo. Would love to try it


If you goto there src page or website they have it posted


I was sure that with the cold wheather I was going to have to uncrash my pcom primo e 200mg/ml.
Its just like pharma it didn’t even crash a little nothing even stuck to the sides of the vials.
I can’t wait until march to start running this primo I might start early lol


Thank you for your trust BigM!


Wonder what the pip will be with this? Usually primo at 100mg can have a good bite curious to hear how pip will be at 200mg


I have been told its zero pip even the bm prominate has zero pip but others have been painful



We want to update the community that we had 0 seizures to US in January This is a statistic based on 2 of our warehouses located in Asia. -
A perfect month we may say, just like in the good old days
EU warehouse always performed well so nothing changed there.

As we mentioned several months ago, we have begun taking serious measures to increase our success rate and overcome the US customs situation. We are glad to see they are functioning.

Thank you for your support!


Honestly ive never heard that your seizure rate was higher than any other src shipping from that direction.
Congrats on not one all month though that truly is a great goal and you guys achieved it that says alot about your dedication to safety and security.
I know my pac arrived a couple of months ago and I just happened to ask for stealth just because, I was extremely impressed.
Thanks again
I will be starting with your primo which if I was ready and in the right condition it would have already been gone but its looking like March ive been sick for over a month but extremely ill 2 x in this month with the flu I dropped 26lbs. Im ripped I definitely have those solid abs ive been wanting but end of march healthy in the gym everyday going hard I will finnally get to taste what I believe to be one of the highest quality 200mg/ml primobolan on the planet. Honestly I want everyone to know that really has only top notch products and can back that up. Its been incredibly hard not to just start using it.
Ive been wanting to pop that cap so bad.
You guys have always kept your customer service top notch and products top notch at UGM that means alot to our staff especially with the VERIFIED SRC tag.
Thanks for all your hard work.


Trying to get my Bitcoin to work so I can pay for my order! WIll let everyone know how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve all but given up on non domestic. I’ll be willing to give it a shot. I don’t know how it works but I am 0 for Asia(4) in 2017. I’m sure after more seizures there must be a mark by my name. I really like pharmacom, when I used it a couple years ago, but I’m pretty impressed by our guys and gals(?) On UGM. The next contest should be for a 100ml jug of 200mg primobolan.


Take a look up top brother pcom is one of our top sponsors at ugm lol
There definitely one of us but I understand what you mean about our guys and gals. Your old school you know that sometimes you still have to get certain things from across the water one way or the other.
There are just certain products that are produced by pcom geneza and nowadays even some india brands that domestic cant compete with.


Keep us updated I always like seeing there products some of the best presentation.
Then of course let us know about your cycle


You got it. Where can I go to buy and keep the alt currencies. Coinbase was so easy and I had hourly access. I do have an btc ATM, I don’t know if it changed to others too. What’s the best wallet now?


Coinbase is still very easy


If you’re looking to have a bunch of altcoins in one place I would use binance.


Some of our awarded athletes in Russia …


Awesome! As a group, the international guys have great color, looks like that old mix of mercuricrome(???) And dream tan.



Where can we buy the pharmacom clothing I would really like to order a couple of tshirts and a tank top?


Looks like a laser beam through his hair!:smirk: