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I would like to welcome as a verified sponsor here at
There site is we welcome everyone to check out there site and products.
Lets welcome PCOM to



I’ve always wanted to try pharmacom out but never did
I’ve only heard good things about the quality of the gear!

welcome to ugm!


Awesome welcome


Thank you Sirs, we’re glad to be here!


I used their test e 300 and thier clen. The test was awesome. Clean. The clen.omg. so strong i had to take it early in the morning to let the sideeffects subside. Had my mouth shaking. My hands.


Thank you Sir!


So @Big482 told me that im missing out not ordering from pcom especially there orals and since im using primo he said to try pcom prrimo 200mgs.

I order 100 var to add to the var I have so I can really compare the two.
The primo 200mgs I can also compare with the other 2 labs im using and it being 200mgs will save me 3 extra inj a wk or allow me to jack my dose up to 1000mgs a wk for 6wks.
I will post pics when it shows up the website is as easy to use as my other goto.
Im excited especially about the orals because I haven’t used an oral in a over a year.
Im starting some var from another verified src here and I will end with the pcom var.

Will keep you all updated on my experience


Deff keep us posted bro


I I will im going to tear this pac open like a kid on Christmas morning and post pics lol


Thank you Sir for your trust.
Looking forward for your feedback!


welcome to ug. …


Ive tried there pharmamix 5 on my last summer cut cycle… ive also tried there dbol, winstrol and proviron… its all good stuff!


I’ve got some of the #5 mix on the way & can’t wait to try it!!!


You wont be dissapointed brother


You definitely will not be disappointed. I have been using their gear and it’s excellent. The 200mg primo is nice to. Not so much oil . Glad you gave them a try


Yes their clen is off the charts strong lol. 1 tablet was good for me .


Also the inject dbol and inject anadrol (can be painful for some people ) blows orals out the water. 30mg of inject dbo 3 hours preworkout and you will be strong as a bull. Dan Duchaine swears 50mg inject drol equal to 3 tabs . I believe it to. Stay pumped 24/7


The pharma 5 pre workout is great. I never wanted to stop working and strength is awesome


Yeah brother you talked me into it. I’ve been wanting to use 200mg primo and I imagine that pcom has some of the best.