PharmaComStore Touchdowns


My Dragon Pharma orders have arrived! They even threw in a free vial of test prop.


Thank you Sir for sharing your TD and for your trust!

If you keep a cycle log here on UGM or share your blood results you get 100$ Store Credit with us, as part of our permanent offer:

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PCS Team


Awesome TD bro. So what’s your cycle plans? Start date?


Dragon pharma is great I believe that they are for the price definitely a top lab and quality

Gotta love freebies


TDs are always great news. Please keep us posted and don´t forget to take advantage of the $100 store credit promo.


Start date will be March most likely. I’m still kicking around exact dosages and orals, but will be cyp/EQ base.


Lookin forward to it.


Let us know the pip level of the EQ 500 brother … almost pulled end trigger on that… ended up going with EQ 250 (was sccarrrred, Lol)


Yeah, I debated for a while too but thought what the hell. I guess I’ll find out. I’ll let you know in a couple months.


I’ve never used an eq500 but I think you’ll be fine from. I have never really heard of anyone complain of pip from eq. I actually had an eq600 once but I only used a tiny bit of it cuz I was short a pin. I didn’t get any pip but it wasn’t a full cc either. Def keep us posted.


Will do. My plan is to mix with test and pin twice a week.