PharmaComStore DISCOUNT for all those affected by Iron Junkie Labs - up to 30% Off


@Cyrus making sure you saw this.


This Bitcoin thing intimidates the shit out of me LOL. It’s going to be a learning experience I can tell right now! I’ve read up a lot on it and to be honest with you it still confuses the shit out of me. But it looks like I have no choice in the matter.


But you’re willing to inject yourself with large doses of hormones. Many never designed for human use!? :exploding_head::rofl:

I was intimidated with BC as well @brent1111 but once I found the groove it is simple and easy. It just has a learning curve like anything else.


There is a big walkthrough on the PharmaComStore site at the top right when you click bitcoin if that helps.


Well, not large doses, but I get it :joy:


I’ll check it out…thanks


If you messaged me and said you would be ordering, still haven’t, and plan to … please shoot me a pm. Otherwise I plan to have this sale taken down. Thanks to all who ordered. Enjoy your goodies.


I got my stuff and all is as legit as it can look. @Bigmurph @SemperFi @TrenGod
Can I post a pic here or is there somewhere else you prefer it to be?


You can post a pic here bro that’s fine. At least I think it is. Can’t make an official review h til you’ve used long enough. Although you only got cialis I believe so if you’ve used it feel free to post an official review.


Post it up as long as it is from


Here’s what I received from PharmComStore. Haven’t tried any yet but it’s coming soon. I only ordered Cialis but got some free Viagra for my troubles, which were zero, so… Thanks Fitraver


I have the same viagra they work great


Glad you’re happy bro! Can’t wait to hear the feedback on how it goes. :wink: