PharmaComStore DISCOUNT for all those affected by Iron Junkie Labs - up to 30% Off


Appreciate the words brother. Always here to help. I know once people get the products and try them out themself they will have the same opinion as yourself :slight_smile:


Damn! Been out of loop! Hold on! IJL no longer a source to trust? Because I was about to order from they!


Crazy I was about or buy from them! After a lot of other positive reviews!



@TrenGod @Pappawlifter doesn’t have access to that thread. Can you give him access? He pmd me and I tried to sum it up but best if he can view himself.


I just checked and he should have access.


I just made it public. fuck it.


@Neme saw your comment in another thread. Wanted to make sure you saw this.


@Fitraver I appreciate it! After all this would you take his nolva & clomid for PCT?


What a bunch of stand up guys. I mean, really. I doubt you can find this kind of respect and loyalty to members on any other site. Thanks guys!


That’s up to you man. I wouldn’t want to tell you one way or another.


@Weedwars I saw your post and wanted to make sure you had seen this. Looks like you already got squared away with a new source but didn’t want anyone to be left out who was affected and may want in. Sorry to hear what happened to you. I’m glad you hit those antibiotics fast.


Hey there, can I please get the info? Thank you very much!




Unfortunately I am one of the poor souls that was affected by this BS. You guys are awesome for making this discount happened happen.


Sorry to hear. Let me know if you are wanting to place an order and take advantage of it. @brent1111


I appreciate that and I will after I get back from vacation.


Thats awesome and definitely Iron Junk took us for a ride.


@Borris01 saw you were affected by IJlL. Let me know if you want in on this deal.


@KingP got a discount going for members affected by IJL. Pm me if you’re interested in taking advantage.