PharmaComStore DISCOUNT for all those affected by Iron Junkie Labs - up to 30% Off


Hey UGM,

In light of recent events with Iron Junkie Labs, I asked the PCS Team if I could do something to help out the members who were affected. Nobody should have to deal with sickness, floaters in vials, lumps after every injection, and lying.

So to help out, @PharmaComStore would like to extend a offer for all those that were affected by Iron Junkie Labs Gear.

If you experienced issues with their gear and can provide proof of purchase (exceptions may be made if you no longer have proof, but I will work with IGM Staff for those situations) then you are eligible for 25% of anything at @PharmaComStore with an additional 5% for using Btc.

this cannot be combined with other discounts or promo codes from contests or auctions

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please comment below and I will reach out via PM with how to get the discount.

I feel very strongly about every members health being the most important factor when it comes to selecting a source and you can rest assured with @PharmaComStore you will not have any of those same issues you experienced before.

This discount will run until I feel everyone who wants to take advantage has had time to.


Promo for all those affected by Iron Junkie Labs

That’s a great offer and a really fantastic gesture. One more reason this place is so incredible!!


Very generous


Thats great! I’d like to be in on this


Awesome job @Fitraver


Hey bro, thanks for doing this. I got some IJL gear that crashed. Appreciate the hookup.


Im in! Thanks for helping the communtiy weather this storm


@GC1985 wanted to make sure you saw this.


So far been in contact with 3 people. Will keep this up for awhile still. If you aren’t comfortable commenting for some reason you can feel free to pm me.



Any member negatively affected should review this discount offer from @PharmaComStore


Wow, this is truly a pro move by you and the company. I’d love to take advantage of this offer. And thank you for even suggesting it, let alone making it happen.


Hey bro. Since you already have the auction win it can’t be combined with that, as I indicated in the post, so you have to place separate orders. If still interested tho let me know.


This is very noble of you guys.
Much respect


What auction? You must be thinking of someone else man.


Oh shit hahahaha I read @Swest my bad. Okay I’ll pm you.


no worries, i just pm’d you anyways.


I’m one of the fortunate ones that use pcom already lol


You da man!! Thank you.


Classy move, solid company for sure.


Without this turning into an ad for pcom, they are the best I’ve used and moving forward I see no reason to change that.
This offer is a great move by pcom and also an opportunity for people to see how easy they are to work with and the huge line of products they do.
Between them @Fitraver and Dariusz couldn’t be more helpful.