Pharmacom shipping question


Hoping this is the right category, I figure “open discussion” means questions and not just reviews. Anyways

What is the typical wait time for those of you who have ordered from pharmacom? I placed an order on Dec 14th. I received a tracking number 9 days ago. It hasnt changed or updated. It only says “accepted by *****”.

Before asking, yes i asked the rep here and he says it can vary up to month or so. So, whats other members’ experience with pharacom shipping?

The main issue that worries me is that the tracking hasnt updated since being accepted in *****. Thanks!


My last order took about 4 weeks. Tracking stalled too. It takes a while coming from overseas.


Also its the holidays, it’ll probably take 4-6 weeks


I sent some normal packages to family and friends in US for Christmas back in beginning of December. It left here 2 days after sending. Of 5 packages only 1 has moved in tracking into customs. It’s not pharmacom it’s the US postal/customs holdups.


Hey man. As everyone else has said here and as I told you in PM, this is a crazy time of year. 4+ weeks is definitely the norm and updates on international are extremely sporadic. Appreciate your patience.


Thanks guys. Not really complaining at all. Just wondering other’s experience. So far, communication has been good. They replied to me last night. Ill update as soon as i get it and until then, just patiently wait. My guard is up from being burned from IJL so i may be just a little paranoid. But none the less, thanks for the responses.


We appreciate your business.

Holidays are slow for everyone international, not just us.

PharmaComStore has been in business for 11 years and not one single customer got burned ever. I guarantee you won´t be first.

Best regards.


I will say that pharmacomstore is a much better op than IJL. There an international powerhouse. Even if it doesn’t arrive they will make sure that no matter what it arrives.
You will always get what you pay for and you won’t ever have to worry. With international though comes much needed extra patience.
I use another international sponsor and over a decade ive never not gotten what I paid for ive usually gotten more and they operate the same way.
Just trying to give you some peace of mind