Pharma Grade v/s UGL


Last year i made a decision to come back to ASS; I dont know anybody around me that is familiarized with the use of steroids or anything related to it at all. I left Miami and my days of competition 8 tears ago. i have the keys to the gym cause nobody goes in the morning. So when i made up my mind i started my internet research and eventually ordered from Naps and Anabolic Energy some pharma grade gear; i had great experience , never took longer than 15 days, no problems with WU.
By the end of the year i found the forums and from then UGL’s , I got in touch with one of them, tried him, got blood work on the stuff…AWESOME.
At this moment i deal with 2 ugl’s, great quality stuff( proven blood work results), never wait longer than 4 days, amazing prices; i became a trusted customer so i pay with Paypal, i dont have to pay a third party commission, i dont even have to move from my desk to place an order completely. Let me tell you i have about 10 different bottles from Balkan, Radjay and Geneza that i have not use yet cause i wanted to give this guys a complete try, to be honest even the shots are smoother than many of the pharme grade stuff.
Am not taking any side at all; I just want to know how you all feel about it???


Hey bro! I edited out some of that personal info. Refrain from high tnat for your safety.

To your post… we are spoiled now. Many ugl are just as good as pharma. I’ve never ran a pharma cycle. I also question most “pharma” labeled brands if they’re even pharma. Most of the super legit pharma is outta my wheel house pay wise.


I feel that there are ugl labs that make gear just as good as any pharma grade products.
The only thing that separates pcom ,geneza,balkan from being true pharma grade is that they have trenbolone in there line up and we all know that tren is not for human consumption and no true pharma grade company produces tren unless there into veterinary medicine.
In my opinion those 3 labs are pharma grade products


Yes , that is what i meant, i put the ugl first, over the pharma grade


My favorite test is still bayer testoviron but I completely understand what you mean


My brother, you are always looking out for me…i couldn’t possibly tell you how grateful i am for your care and concern


IMO UGLs can brew the same great quality that pharms labs can…as long as they can be trusted in which in your case it sounds you have a couple trusted well brewed sources. With pharm grade quality you also get a feeling of reassurance that it is legit.