Perfect timing again


Great communication, and perfect timing, nothing but the fucking best from @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Enjoy my man! :muscle:


Thats a lovely sight. Watcha got there my friend.


Looking pretty as usual! Cant go wrong with IJL hes one of the best all-time :blue_heart:


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Right there with you @John. I had a delivery also. One day earlier than expected. Very quick shipping and customer service is top shelf. Communication with @Iron_Junkie_Labs was friendly, honest and an overall good experience. Now lets see if his Cialis and a-bombs match the level of service.


Outfuckingstanding brother. I am stockpiling at the moment


I am always stockpiling. Got to keep the Hounds of Hell happy.


Dam right


That looks delicious


Always on time and always on point! :muscle: