Paying for trainer or free advice


Hahahahs I saw this and laughed because this is so true. I’ll just leave this here for a good laugh and reality check lol



Shit, I feel like right side applies to half of the paid trainers too lol


I was having a conversation a few weeks ago with someone and we were discussing how trendy it has become to call yourself a trainer these days. I would not even entertain paying money for guidance from a “trainer” who doesn’t have the certifications to accompany their claims. It also helps to see pics of past clients. I have come across people who have no certs, and have an impressive client list who are actively competing, but whose to say that they have the knowledge to fine tune and figure out what is going on on an individual basis.


When I see people paying for a trainer at their local gym and watch what they have them doing it kills me.


I actually believe in paying for training or coaching. When I played football I was lucky enough to be able to attend training programs that my family would have never been able to afford but I was luckily invited and this training was serious and I really believe that it definitely made me a better player and athlete. It also of course had me in top notch condition.
Its like @Anvillabs said that the trainer or coach should be certified but in all reality a trainer or coach who has a piece of paper saying that they are good can still be shit.
I believe alot in real life experience over book smarts. I also believe in book smarts though don’t get me wrong.
I think honestly it can go either way.
If anyone is going to use a coach or trainer do your homework on them. There diploma just says that they attended school. See if they have been around and really been apart of the community and see if they have achievements. I believe that achievements can speak volumes when it comes down to who you should choose.

Like @Fitraver said you see the certified personal trainer at whatever gym and there sometimes a joke. I new a guy that was a personal trainer at a franchise type gym that would be laughed at who immigrated from south America where he had many wins at competitions and really new his stuff but was just held back because of the language barrier or I believe that he could be training champions.

You should really look for the hidden gem of a trainer.
You really don’t have to look far @PHD is a tag away but if you do want someone local. I wouldn’t just go with the first guy or girl that’s certified.
Just my opinion


I believe in it also. I could coach myself but I use someone very reputable in the industry not because of who he is but because of what he does and has done and he always experiments on himself.

The thing I see the most especially in competitions is a person does a show and boom now they are a coach lol. That’s a joke.


I will take the Gal Gadot version. I think a qualified paid coach/trainer is an excellent investment. I like the fact that I get a third party look at myself. They can generally see things that I need to do or don’t do that I am completely blind to. Being treated like a project without emotions involved can be a benefit.

I have only ever hired a coach/trainer that looks the part. Education and certificates are valuable but will only take your training so far. Nothing replaces actual real life experience.