Paramexer out of this world


Paramexer sent me my special pack. Then I find everyone gets this. Ill put up a pic of the goodies tomorrow. I’m out of breath and my hands hurt from the awesome packaging. The TA TIME? Must be in the same town! You’ll see he’s trying new vials and I can really care less as long as it is real and works…it does… But, really the xtra mile has been gone. We are fortunate to have all these SRCs. I just pray everyone keeps it cool. Keep kicking ass. F - it , here’s a taste​:facepunch::boom:

Edit: WHy was this anonymous? I must of screwed up but by the tangential rambling ill give u one guess


I’m currently running his sus (500 mg) and Tren E (400 mg) per week for the past 6 weeks. Great compounds, kicked in around week 4 … all the normal sides, including gains! Solid source for sure!


Lol do you want me to make it your post or leave it anon?

Great pac


Im always glad to hear that a sponsor is providing great service


Anon mode you need to select in your profile. Then logout and login again if it doesnt let you switch back.


Great order man, keep us posted on the primo. I’m very curious about it