Paramexer Labs


Just received order of test p and tren A. Shipping wad fast, good packaging, and communication was good. Product is labeled and looks as it should. 10ml bottles are larger than standard, which leads me to believe there is more product. Colors look good. Just started cycle today and will update results.

The 10ml vile on the left is standard 10ml size
The 10ml vile on the right is paramexers version of 10ml, a little more robust than the standard 10ml vile. The Tren A is 20ml


awesome brother, appreciate the order and review. i look forward to doing more business in the future. hope you enjoy the tren as much as i do


Throw up some pics you will see a upload button in the right hand corner that will allow you to put up pics.


How do I get on paramexars site to order?


No site just send him an email


Ok thanks