Paramexer comes through in the clutch!


What’s up UGM Family.
I’ve been busting my balls in camp for the last several weeks, and this is now fight week sometime I haven’t had a chance to really share what’s been going on behind the scenes and I’ve also had to play this close to the vest for other reasons.
Now that I have broke camp on Sunday, I have a little time to open up a little with you all.

I have still been checking in with @Bigmurph and @TrenGod behind the scenes to discuss my views and where I stand in light of all the recent events and problems with IJL.
I’ve decided best for my career and more importantly my health to stop running IJL products and part ways with him. (This decision was made a few weeks back)

There were several times he led me to believe that the issues I was having with his gear was just isolated to me and instead of posting publicly I thought I was doing the right thing by going to my sponsor first. Except for the time I made the post about my entire left ass cheek, hip and leg swole up from a Test E injection, which I believe is what got the whole thing rolling regarding the quality of what was being put out by him (I posted on here “The importance of taking your time when doing injections” as I thought it was something I did to myself) from the now infamous Test E, Batch #104.

He led me to believe first that it was poor technic or a bad injection then when the knots kept showing up he told me my body had developed an allergic reaction to the enanthate ester and sent me some Cyp to replace it which was also labeled as “Test E” when I received it, I asked him about this upon the pack arriving and he said he “accidentally mislabeled it”. (This also caused me to have to take nearly a week and a half out of training camp luckily for me it was at the beginning (if you want to call it “lucky”.) His lack of knowledge or just his lack of care for other members here is unacceptable and that lack of knowledge and care for me could have easily ended my career and ability to support my family. I knew the risks when I started running gear so I don’t totally blame him, I should have held him more accountable and to a higher standard.

I went from making tremendous progress and great strides to nothing and feeling like total shit on his gear. So in luew of all these lies and unfortunate events that continued to take place not to mention the multiple accounts of things that were happening to members here I simply couldn’t remain a part of Team IJL and promote someone like that.

As I’ve stated I had already spoken with BigMurph and TrenGod about these issues behind the scenes, as I’ve been in training camp and I’ve been laying low on the issue mostly for the fact that I didn’t need the excess drama and distractions in the lead up to my fight.

I’ve been in contact over the last couple of weeks with a truly respectable sponsor/source from here on UGM “PARAMEXER LABS” is now who will represent me and who I will be able to represent with pride and comfort knowing the gear that I’m receiving and running is legit and is actually what it’s labeled as. Communication has been absolutely perfect, to the point, and 100% transparent with PARAMEXER from day 1!
I already feel as if I’m dealing with someone who’s been a part of my team for years instead of someone I just met a week or two ago.

Once he and I agreed for him to be my sponsor the guy immediately went to work for me, stayed up into the night to get me some TNE brewed bc he didn’t have it on hand as well as mixed up an oral combo that was specific for my needs, and something he believes in and that will give me a “lethal” edge (something IJL would have never done) Not to mention got me what I needed with what was intended to be lighting speed. There was a small hiccup and delay(and then another 4 day delay bc UPS’ incompetence) but this was because the TNE wasn’t holding to his standards, so before he shipped it out, he made damn sure it was up to par and even pinned 2cc twice on himself to make sure the product was something he and I both could have confidence in. This is the type of thing that stands out to me, not just in a sponsor, but in a person in general. He went above and beyond to step up to the plate.

Paramexer has definitely came through in the clutch and just the type of championship caliber person/source I need on my team and backing me.

Iron Junkie Labs offered to continue to represent me and continue to be my sponsor but I just don’t believe it’s in my best interest and I simply can’t represent someone who puts my health or anyone’s health in jeopardy.

Thank all of you for understanding why I’ve been silent on the issue lately. When you are in training camp and literally preparing to go to battle and put your life on the line, you simply have to have singular, razor sharp focus and tunnel vision with no outside distractions or unnecessary drama.

I will post photos of my first pack from Paramexer below.


Here’s a couple pics of that first pack from Paramexer.

Test P 100 (20ml)
Exemestane 25mg/ml
(Liquid AI)
Tren A 100 (10ml)
Sust 250 (20ml)
#50 caps-
Custom blend of
25mg Anadrol/25mg Anavar/15mg Halo

Pic #2
TNE (No label)
Tren A

Tue) 8:00am pinned 1.5cc Test P in right glute
1cc Sustanon 250 in Left glute
4pm) Prior to doing my light workout (only light work during fight week)
Pinned 1.2cc TNE in same right glute as prop and zero pip on any pin and 24 hours later still no pip or soreness whatsoever


Great post im glad to hear that you are doing good and things are heading in the right direction.
Congratulations to you and paramexer for teaming up.
Wish you the best brother.


Thanks for sharing @N8GainTrain and it is GREAT to see your Avi in the forum!!!

Let your plans be dark bro and fall like a thunderbolt! :zap:


Great post… @paramexer has always been on point for me with the compounds I’ve used!


Hope everyone is ready for a big finish to 2018 and for an even bigger 2019! I am excited to take @N8GainTrain under my wing, I kept up with his progress throughout the year and was eager to get some gear to him. Whether you guys are athletes or meatheads you shouldn’t be held back from gear you take to enhance you… I enjoy seeing and hearing about you guys doing well and hitting your goals. I personally take 2-3cc of the oils when they are made. I put prop and TNE in my bicep to test for pip. Good luck to @N8GainTrain Saturday and happy new year to all of UGM.
[email protected] for newest list :muscle:t2::gorilla:


I had missed seeing your posts. Welcome back and congrats on the new sponsor. I think you will be way better off with paramexer.


Glad your back and doing well, happy you teamed up with @paramexer. Was hoping you didn’t get sucked into the bs. Hope you had a great Christmas man.


Good to hear from you @N8GainTrain I was wondering what your decision was gonna be after all that, and like me I believe we made the right one, I just haven’t come to a decision as to who I’m gonna use.