Paramexer came through


Just received my first order.
Packaging was discreet and fast!
Great customer service, which for me goes a long way.
Will have to follow up with an actual review.
Side note - This order was split between a group and I.




Mmm I love me some gear porn :yum:


This isn’t a review its an advertisement so I have to take it down.
You can’t leave a review until you have used the product.
If you want you can make a post in the paramexer sponsor category with pictures of your order and tell us about your experience but the review needs to be written no sooner than 4wks and that’s short esters. Long esters no sooner than 6-8wks possibly longer.


can we do touchdown celebration pics without the review ?


They just get posted up in your category instead of the review category and once they have used the product then the full review is posted.
I really like to see touchdown pics and hear about the ordering process and if it was easy.
Im looking into a way that we can have a touchdown review and then cycle log then after using the product have a cycle review that will connect everything from the touchdown to the cycle log and then the end review.
All in one thread.
This is something that I believe would really help show that the member received, used and then reviewed the products. I just have to figure out a way that it can all come together as one thread.


Thanks brother
I look forward to reading your review.


Good looking gear bro! Enjoy :muscle: