Parabolan(Tren Hex)


What are your experiences with this compound? Do you have a difficult time finding real parabolan?


Great compound love it. It is widely faked but I’m confident our sources here have legit hex. Can almost feel it immediately.


I though it was a long Ester? Or is it a mix of esters? How do you feel it immediately @PHD??


@John it’s the original for of tren. I feel it strength wise in the gym almost immediately and focus in the gym. Some guys feel more aggressive I’ve never felt that way.


Ok got it, I know how tren makes me feel (not good) but I had never looked better while running it, I won’t do it anymore, but It still holds great appeal to me!


Yes it’s pretty awesome. A lot of people can’t handle it. It is pretty toxic so extra care should always be taken when on it


Thanks bro, definitely looking to check it out soon.


Have fun @Islandswole! If I didn’t love my girlfriend I would do it again.


Lol she may love how horny you are on it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I actually manage to stay pretty level headed with tren and I’m married haha. My wife gets tired of me wanting to bone so often though and often begs for breaks :joy::joy:


I actually laughed at that bro


At both of the posts @PHD and @Islandswole