Can anyone please exsplain why my order from NAPGEAR isn’t being shipped. I ordered from the PARA promo close to a month ago an my order still isn’t able to track.


Well for one, promo orders always take much longer for whatever reason. Keep in mind when ordering international a good practice would be to give it at least 2 months. Love naps but the shipping time has always been long. Hence why I prefer domestic… well that, plus I don’t feel like dealing with customs.


Also not sure if you’re new here or not but I’ve never seen you around so welcome to the UGM fam.


I have had several international packs that the tracker never updated Until the package was delivered.if it has been over a month I would contact the source.


I can help with this the para pharma promo naps took God knows how many orders. This isn’t the guarantee reason but from experience.
Para pharma is a vendor they tell naps sure we can keep up with anything you throw at us. Para pharma bit off more than they could chew.
Since you ordered through naps they Will make sure that you get what you ordered but how long it will take is the question.


I’ve ordered a couple times from Naps and had nothing but good experiences with shipping time and products, so it’s weird your stuff hasn’t arrived yet!

I can only say from my own experience but my test arrived less then 10 days, my HGH 2wks or less and other products I’ve order less the 7 days coming from Asia to USA! And all products have been got to go!


@Bigmurph is naps still up and going even?


Semi private but yes probably still the 2nd biggest src in the world