Package from paramexer!


Its the bold ace and base also some bold cyp.
In my opinion no compounds should crash but some are just more prone


Depends on how many toxins you are willing to inject into your body for the conveyance of non-crashed shorter esters and/or higher concentration gear.

I am getting to the point that I am getting pretty picky about not using crashed oils but I limit my steroid use to certain compounds and suppliers anymore. My days of steroid experimentation are over and I stick to the time proven true.


Speaking for myself, your good to fucking go @paramexer


i’m just being honest with everyone. i prefer anadrol caps! them shits make me strong


What’s bold ace? Not sure what you’re saying here. Are you saying there is a bold ace now? Where are these items made I’ve never heard of bold ace eq or bold cyp eq??!!

@paramexer I agree caps are way better. I personally always believe if it’s an oral keep it an oral. That’s just me. Good job on speedy response and resolve.


Yeah there are srcs and raw suppliers with boldenone base, dyhydroboldenone base, boldenone acetate, boldenone cypionate.
Dihydroboldenone cypionate.

They are all available


Why would someone make that? I’ve been in this a long time and never heard of any of these nor anyone reputable use any of that stuff. Just mind boggling


I don’t really understand either the bold cyp has a place and so does the dhb but the rest just seem like a bad idea to me.
The pip is incredible on the rest and they rarely stay suspended. Especially the bold ace,and bold base


How is that since DHB is simply the 5alpha reduction of EQ? And bold cyp is just a shorter ester of EQ? Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, developing drugs and formulating them a specific way for a reason. Just because something sounds like a good idea on paper doesn’t mean it actually has a place in my opinion.

In my own experience and observations the numbers that we see on paper concerning the ratings of designer steroids are rarely what is experienced in the real world. At the same time individuals generally over exaggerate the actual effectiveness of the steroids they take. Maybe this is because they want to feel that they made the right choice when they choose a particular steroid(s) to include in their cycle.

I am not arguing against experimentation. I am simply stating the reality of actual results or purposes.


Just curious than… is there an issue with bold cyp being a shorter ester of EQ?


Impatients of the user comes to mind.


Of using the compound, or results?


Results I would think


Almost every single one of us are impatient because, except in very rare situations, not a single one of us reached our natural potential before using steroids.

We are always looking for ways, some better than others, to find a better quicker way to skin a cat. And some are just plain bad ideas.

I am going off on a tangent… what is the common denominator in every single one of my steroid cycles? The answer is ‘ME’. This tells me that if I don’t get the ‘actual’ results that I am looking for than I am over relying on drugs to do it for me.


Like I said before never heard of dhb nor cyp eq I agree with @SemperFi why hasn’t this been made by actual scientist and not
Guys brewing this in their kitchen or basement? We can try to reinvent the wheel all we want but at end of the day it goes back to the original wheel.


I’m not disagreeing with any of what has been stated or said and I agree with you 100% on the scientists making it, but since it’s been a topic of discussion it’s worth getting the standing point of your guys professional opinion, especially since the product is for sure on the market!


Never seen it on any market bro.


Its on the chinese scammers market. Started with centrino labs and then ugls started following suite as the chinese raw spammers started making deals on it. Centrino Labs is shit and you wont find any legit country producing these bold cyp or bold ace as a product. Its very simply unnecessary and unneeded.


Honestly the single common denominator of the trend of using blends and short esters is instant gratification syndrome.

Its a sad fact but many people that use gear are addicts including myself.
I have been clean for 8 years ish but I really believe that the want and need for tren in first cycle. Short esters on long ester compounds is for the instant gratification which addicts crave.

@rnmuscle im curious if you believe the same as you have a connection to the recovery community

@PHD i wanted to tag you on this because I believe that this is the real reason for it.


Well that pretty much sums it up! Thanks TG :+1::clap: