Our Most Recommended Cutting Cycle


Feel free to share your cycle log and results.

350mg Each Per Week, EOD

  • Tren A 100mg
    EOD for 4 weeks

  • Test Prop 100mg
    EOD for 8 weeks

  • Masteron Prop 100mg
    EOD for 8 weeks

Post-Cycle Treatment

  • HCG 5000iu x 2 bottles
    Take 500iu EOD

  • Clomid x 2 bottles
    Take 20mg Every Day

** EOD = Every Other Day

Any questions please let us know, happy to clear anything up for you guys.


Thanks for sharing.

The 400mg total of each for the week is incorrect. EOD of 100mg is 350mg/WK not 400mg. One week would have 4 injections the following week 3, then 4, then 3, etc.


Corrected, thank you.


I would go at least 12 weeks with the prop and 6-8 on the Tren.


I def agree with you there GG!!


It’s all preference, some people do like longer cycles than others. I personally like shorter cycles.


If I was to do a shorter cycle I would do a heavy front load


Thanks for sharing your info! @CanadianMadeLabs


this is a a pretty prototypical mini 8week cutter … ten days older than dirt… kinda like a traditional bulker of test and deca … no point to frontloading all short esters other than to spike blood levels which typically cause more sides when you are talking about short esters


Thanks Grrl


She always has good info to add! Can definitely learn from her


you’re welcome just consider why one would do such a short cycle … seems like that doesnt fit into what you are trying to do at this point … I am all for front loading the long esters


Absolutely buddy!